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Bottle: Diet Mountain Dew
Bottle: Diet Pepsi
Bottle: Mountain Dew
Bottle: Pepsi
Bottle: Sierra Mist
Fountain: Diet Pepsi
Fountain: Lemonade
Fountain: Mountain Dew
Fountain: Mug Root Beer
Fountain: Pepsi
Fountain: Sierra Mist
Fountain: Wild Cherry Pepsi
Jarritos- Guava
Jarritos- Jamaica
Jarritos- Lime
Jarritos- Mandarin
Jarritos- Mango
Jarritos- Orange
Jarritos- Strawberry
Jarritos- Tamarind
San Pelligrino - Aranciatta
San Pelligrino - Lemonata
San Pelligrino - Regular
Snapple - Diet Peach Tea
Snapple - Green Tea
Snapple - Lemon Tea
Snapple - Mango Madness
Snapple - Peach Tea
Snapple - Strawberry Kiwi
XS Energy Drink
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Side Stuff
Chips and Salsa
Jalapenos Peppers
Rice & Beans
Sour Cream
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The Taco Shop
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The Taco Shop
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The Taco Shop
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