Spice and Rice

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Buy Any Dinner, Get FREE 2 pc. Crabmeat Rangoon or 1 Eggroll

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101. Spicy Salted Chicken (+$10.95)Choose item
301. Beef with Broccoli (+$8.95)Choose item
102. Cashew Nuts Chicken (+$8.95)Choose item
302. Mongolian Beef (+$9.75)Choose item
103. Moo Goo Gai Pan (+$7.95)Choose item
303. Beef with Mix Vegetables (+$8.95)Choose item
104. Chicken with Broccoli (+$7.95)Choose item
304. Kung Pao Beef (+$8.95)Choose item
105. Kung Paom Chicken (+$7.95)Choose item
305. Hunan Beef (+$9.75)Choose item
106. Orange Chicken (+$8.50)Choose item
306.Szechuan Beef (+$8.95)Choose item
107. General Tsao's Chicken (+$8.50)Choose item
307. Ma Pa Tofu with Beef (+$8.95)Choose item
108. Chicken with Mixed Vegetables (+$7.95)Choose item
308. Thai Green Curry Beef with Onion (+$9.50)Choose item
109. Lemon Chicken (+$7.95)Choose item
309. Pepper Steak with Onion (+$8.95)Choose item
110. Garlic Chicken with Eggplant (+$8.95)Choose item
310. Satay Beef with Onion (+$10.95)Choose item
111. Szechuan Chicken (+$7.95)Choose item
112. Hunan Chicken (+$7.95)Choose item
113. Chicken with Spicy Black Bean Sauce (+$8.95)Choose item
114. Sweet and Sour Chicken (+$7.95)Choose item
115. Sesame Chicken (+$8.50)Choose item
116. Pineapple, Mango with Chicken (+$9.50)Choose item
117. Lemograss with Curry Chicken (+$9.75)Choose item
118. Moo Shu Chicken (+$8.95)Choose item
119. Curry Chicken in Peanut Sauce (+$9.75)Choose item
120. Almond Chicken (+$8.95)Choose item
121. Thai Basil Chicken (+$10.95)Choose item
122. Bourbon Chicken (+$10.95)Choose item
123. Black Pepper Chicken (+$10.95)Choose item
124. Singapore Chicken (+$10.95)Choose item
125. Thai Tacos with Chicken (+$10.95)Choose item