Deja Vu

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966 Embarcadero del Mar, Suite B, Isla Vista, CA, 93117
Available for: Take out and Delivery

#6. Any 3 Sandwiches $15 ($15.95)

Any three sandwiches for $5 each

Step 1 of 3 : First Sandwich Choice

Teriyaki Chicken SandwichChoose item
BBQ Chicken Breast with BaconChoose item
Ranch Chicken SandwichChoose item
Cajun Chicken With AvocadoChoose item
Turkey & CheeseChoose item
Turkey, Cheese & AvocadoChoose item
Turkey ClubChoose item
Philly Cheese Steak
Bell pepper & mushroom
Choose item
PastramiChoose item
Ham & CheeseChoose item
Grilled Cheese & BaconChoose item
BLT & AvocadoChoose item
Vegetarian Special (Hot)
Mushroom, bell pepper, avocado & cheese.
Choose item
Vegetarian Special (Cold)
Mushroom, cucumber, sprouts, avocado & cheese.
Choose item
Beef GyrosChoose item
Chicken GyrosChoose item
Chipotle ChickenChoose item