Domino's Pizza

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  • 10 Farrell St, South Burlington, VT, 05403
  • Available for: Take out and Delivery

ExtravaganZZa Feast - X-Large (+$19.99)
Loads of pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, beef, onions, green peppers, fresh mushrooms and black olives topped with an extra layer of cheese.

Would you like any additional toppings?
Toppings on half of the pizza count as a full topping.
Whole pizzaFirst halfSecond half
Pepperoni (+$1.75)
Ham (+$1.75)
Beef (+$1.75)
Italian Sausage (+$1.75)
Bacon (+$1.75)
Chicken (+$1.75)
Philly Steak (+$1.75)
Anchovies (+$1.75)
Mushrooms (+$1.75)
Onions (+$1.75)
Green Peppers (+$1.75)
Black Olives (+$1.75)
Green Olives (+$1.75)
Jalapeno Peppers (+$1.75)
Banana Peppers (+$1.75)
Roasted Red Peppers (+$1.75)
Tomatoes (+$1.75)
Spinach (+$1.75)
Garlic (+$1.75)
Pineapple (+$1.75)
Extra Cheese (+$1.75)
Cheddar Cheese (+$1.75)
Feta Cheese (+$1.75)
Shredded Provolone (+$1.75)
Shredded Parmersan (+$1.75)
Oregano (+$1.75)


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