Fuji & Jade Garden

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Age Tofu-Deep Fried Tofu
Agenasu-Deep Fried Eggplant
Aspagura & Mushroom
Beef or Chicken Negimaki
Edamame-Japaness Soy Bean
Fresh or Deep Fried Oyster
Gyoza-Pan Fried Pork Pork Dumpling
Harumaki-Spring Roll
Khushi Yaki-Beef Skewer or Shrimp
Mixed Oshinko-Mixed Japaness Pickles
Oshitashi-Boiled Spinach
Seafood Sunomono
Shumai-Steamed Shrimp Dumpling
Sushi or Sashimi
Tako Sunomono
Tempura-Shrimp, Chicken or Vegetable
Washabi Shumai
Yakitori-Chicken Skewer
Yasai Gyoza-Vegetable Dumpling
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Side Orders
Brown Rice
Fried Rice or Noodles
Hibachi Shrimp or Scallop
White Rice
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Fuji & Jade Garden
Fantastic Roll
Fuji & Jade Garden
Pikachu Roll
Fuji & Jade Garden
Huna Roll
Fuji & Jade Garden
Blackland Tuna (White Tuna)
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