Mezza Luna Pizzeria

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  • 933 Pearl Street, Eugene, OR, 97401
  • Available for: Delivery

60. Say Cheese Pizza - Large (18") (+$23.04)
Our blend of mozzarella & parmesan cheeses with tomato sauce.

Add Toppings
Toppings on half of the pizza count as a full topping.
Whole pizzaFirst halfSecond half
Artichoke Pesto Sauce (+$2.56)
Basil Pesto Sauce (+$2.56)
Garlic Oil (+$2.56)
Olive Oil (+$2.56)
Extra Tomato Sauce (+$2.56)
Garlic Oil Sauce
Olive Oil Sauce
Roasted Habanero Tomato Sauce (+$2.56)
Roasted Red Pepper (+$2.56)
Cashewspre (+$2.56)
Tomato Sauce


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