Evergreen Restaurant

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A1. Spring Roll
A10. Crab Rangoon (6)
A11. Vegetable Pot Stickers (6)
A12. Scallion Pancakes
A2. Vegetable Spring Roll
A3. Evergreen Sampler
A4. Agedashi Tofu
A5. Fried Chicken Wings (6)
A6. Pot Stickers (6)
A7. Spicy Beef Skewers (4)
A8. Tempura Shrimp (6)
A9. Bar-B-Q Spare Ribs (4)
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Agedashi Tofu
Barbecued Ribs
Beef Cilantro Broth
Braised Beef Shank
Chicken & Corn Soup
Cuming Beef Skewers
Duck and Vermicelli Soup
Evergreen Side Dish
Garlic Pork
Home Style Buns (3)
Jalapeno with Preserved Egg
Pork & Cabbage Soup
Pot Stickers
Salt & Pepper Spring Chicken
Salty Duck
Scallion Pancakes
Seafood Soup
Shanghai Style Pork Buns (6)
Spicy Beef Tendon
Spicy Duck Neck
Spicy Duck Wings
Spicy Tripe & Tendon
Spinach & Tofu Soup
Tempura Vegetables
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Chinese Soy Milk
Diet Coke
Green Tea Bubble Tea
Jasmine Tea
Mango Bubble Tea
Milk Bubble Tea
Orange Juice
Strawberry Bubble Tea
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Evergreen Restaurant
L52. Chicken Fried Rice
Evergreen Restaurant
L41. Kung Pao Vegetables
Evergreen Restaurant
L16. Chicken Szechuan Style
Evergreen Restaurant
L33. Curry Shrimp
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