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Urban BBQ

10163 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20903
Available for: Take out and Delivery

Average delivery time: 90 minutes

Welcome to Urban BBQ's Online Ordering for our Hillindale Location! Not a student? No worries! is open to any foodies who want to order online!

Our Story:

Small package, big satisfaction: Urban Bar-B-Que counts more than 50 seats inside & out, and it delivers the kind of finger-licken'-good food you expect to find at a church social or a road-side stand miles away in the country. We're talking crusty, smoke-perfumed beef & pork ribs; fresh tasting cole slaw and mustardy potato salad. Want to crank up the heat? Pour on some "Carolina sop." Punchy with red pepper and cider vinegar and sweet with molasses, it is one of several sauces whipped up at Urban. Much of the business is carryout; any wait is made painless by the crew of friendly faces behind the counter, which frames the big open kitchen. Psst: The young owners are looking to cater your every event, just taste their sweet potato fries, meaty Beef Ribs and Urban's Famous Wings.

All our food is made fresh daily, check us out. Any questions - give us a call 301-434-7427