The Pita Pit - Campus

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113 Iowa Ave, Iowa City, IA, 52240
Available for: Take out and Delivery

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Falafel (+$6.70)
Rolled Chickpeas with Spices
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Morning Glory (+$6.70)
avocado, tomato
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The Local (+$6.70)
Chicken, ham, and bacon
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Dagwood (+$6.70)
Turkey, ham and beef
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Ham n' Eggs (+$6.70)
Black Forest ham and grilled mushrooms
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Hummus (+$6.70)
Chickpea spread
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Awakin' with Bacon (+$6.70)
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Babaganoush (+$6.70)
Eggplant Spread
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Chicken Caesar (+$6.70)
Chicken, bacon & romaine
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Chicken Classic (+$6.70)
Chicken breast and Grilled Mushrooms
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Chicken Crave (+$6.70)
Chicken, ham & melted American Swiss
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Feta Cheese (+$6.70)Choose item
Cheddar Cheese (+$6.70)Choose item
Club (+$6.70)
Ham, turkey & bacon
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Meat the Day (+$6.70)
Bacon and Italian Sausage
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Philly Steak (+$6.70)Choose item
Provolone (+$6.70)Choose item
Garden (+$6.70)
no cheese
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Gyro (+$6.70)
Traditional Mediterranean seasoned beef
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Chicken Souvlaki (+$6.70)
Greek seasoned chicken
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Chicken Breast (+$6.70)Choose item
Turkey (+$6.70)Choose item
Prime Rib (+$6.70)Choose item
Black Forest Ham (+$6.70)Choose item
B.L.T. (+$6.70)Choose item
Tuna (+$6.70)
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