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Fortune 500 companies in today's competitive job market are seeking individuals with experience, but especially those that can show results. Interning with The Campus Special means you will be able to quantify your success in actual numbers that you personally have generated. Here is a glimpse of what your resume could look like after successfully completing one of our internships:

Campus Special
Account Executive
Athens, GA
Summer 2014

  • Initiated and solidified client relationships and sold advertising to local businesses.
  • Strong background in sales. Experienced in all aspects of consultative selling, from existing account management, lead generation and cold calling to needs analysis, closing and post-sales service.
  • Consistent top percentile producer. Generated $45,000 in sales and consistently exceeded quotas.
  • Exceptionally persistent and competitive. Ranked in top 50 out of 500 account executives nationwide.
  • Excellent communication skills. Experienced building and maintaining rapport one on one with small business owners to medium sized and large corporations.
  • Highly adaptable. Continually master new product information.
  • Works well independently and with teams.

Campus Special
Brand Ambassador
Madison, WI
Spring 2014

  • Successfully organized and implemented an effective guerilla marketing campaign on behalf of Campus Special’s brand at the University of Wisconsin
  • Achieved a set quota & successfully generated 500+ downloads/new users for Campus Special’s mobile app in Madison, WI
  • Developed & initiated a social media campaign that solidified 1,000+ new followers/likes through various social media outlets including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine
  • Organized a recruitment of fellow students & managed their participation in various campus events
  • Experienced in approaching individuals and utilizing excellent oral communication & persuasion skills while giving interactive presentations through the use of a mobile application

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