El Ranchero

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Appetizers and Salads
867. Guacamole Dip
868. Bean Dip
869. Cheese Dip
870. Queso Fundido
871. Nachos with cheese
872. Nachos with Beans and Cheese
873. Nachos with Beef and Beans
874. Nachos with Chicken
875. Tossed Salad
876. Taco Salad
877. Grilled Chicken Salad
878. Breaded Chicken Salad
879. Grilled Shrimp Salad
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924. Beans
925. Rice
926. Pico de Gallo
927. Shredded Cheese
928. Corn Tortillas
929. Flour Tortilla
930. French Fries
931. Baked Potato
932. Sour Cream
933. Grilled mixed vegetables
934. Steamed mixed vegetables
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