No. 1 Chinese Restaurant

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Newark Shopping Center, 610, Newark, DE, 19711-7326
Available for: Take out and Delivery

Two Combination Platters ONLY $11! ($11.00)

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C 1. Chicken Chow Mein or Roast PorkChoose item
C 2. Shrimp Chow MeinChoose item
C 3. Pepper SteakChoose item
C 4. Roast Pork with Chinese VegetablesChoose item
C 5. Shrimp with Chinese VegetablesChoose item
C 6. Roast Pork Egg Foo YoungChoose item
C 7. B-B-Q Spare RibsChoose item
C 8. Shrimp with Lobster SauceChoose item
C 9. Shrimp with BroccoliChoose item
C 10. Moo Goo Gai PanChoose item
C 11. Shrimp Hunan StyleChoose item
C 12. Shrimp with Garlic SauceChoose item
C 13. Chicken with Garlic SauceChoose item
C14. Beef with BroccoliChoose item
C 15. Roast Pork Lo MeinChoose item
C 16. Roast Pork with BroccoliChoose item
C 17. Chicken with Chinese VegetableChoose item
C 18. Sweet and Sour PorkChoose item
C 18. Sweet and Sour ChickenChoose item
C 19. Chicken with BroccoliChoose item
C 20. Sesame ChickenChoose item
C 21. Kung Pao ChickenChoose item
C 22. Mongolian BeefChoose item
C 23. Beef with String BeanChoose item