For the Times You Do Not Want to Cook Use Online Food Ordering

Whenever you are hungry and do not feel like cooking, it is a great time to take advantage of online food ordering. You can use this service to order food from your favorite campus area restaurants, and have your freshly prepared meal delivered right to your dorm or campus area apartment. In situations where you are unsure of the type of food you want to eat, you may browse our online menus to see what other kinds of cuisine is available. You could end up deciding to try something new and different, or find a new variation of a personal favorite. You are also able to place your online order directly through our site, without having to leave the page.

You Have Options Whenever You Are Using Online Food Ordering
There are several different options available to use with online food ordering from your campus area restaurants. Once you decide where you want to place your order, you are able to browse exclusive online deals only found on our site. You are also able to use coupon codes printed on paper coupons, either from our coupon book, or those supplied directly by the restaurant. Next, you can decide whether you want the order placed for delivery, or pick up now, or if you want to schedule it for a future time or date. During the checkout process, you have the ability to select from multiple payment types, including cash, credit or debit card, or your pre-paid Serve account. In the event your order is for a future date, you are not charged until your order is processed at that time.

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Both Food Delivery and Take-Out Options Are Offered with Online Ordering

Any time you use online ordering from your campus area restaurants, you need to decide whether you want to pick up your order, or take advantage of food delivery service. Delivery is ideal in situations where you are already at home and do not want to go back out, or any time there are unfavorable weather conditions. Who wants to get wet in a downpour, trying to go pick up food, when you can have someone else deliver it to your door, instead? Just remember that the restaurant may have a minimum order amount required in order to use their delivery service. This amount might also vary, based upon the time of day, such as a lower amount required during lunch, and a higher amount at dinner.

You Can Find Food Delivery Available for a Variety of Cuisines
Food delivery is available for a variety of cuisines, and not just limited to pizza and sandwiches. Whether you are hungry for Chinese, or want Mexican, you are able to find campus area restaurants with delivery service for the type of food you want to eat. These restaurants might  feature exclusive online deals only available on our site, for the times you do not have a paper coupon and still want to save some money. You may decide to order from more than one place, when you are unable to make up your mind, or have a large group of friends over. All you have to do is make sure to submit one delivery order, per restaurant, and submit them as individual transactions.

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One Way to Order Food Online from Restaurants Not Directly Offering This Service

Sometimes when you want to order food online, you might discover the restaurant does not directly provide this capability. For one reason or another, some restaurants do not have the resources needed to enable online ordering. However, you are still able to place orders for carry-out or delivery by accessing our website. We work directly with many of your campus area restaurants in order to give you the ability to place food orders through our website for your favorite locations. Once we receive your order, we either call the restaurant directly to place the order, or utilize other options to ensure your order is received.

Get Help Deciding from which Restaurant to Order Food Online By Using Free Online Services

Deciding from which restaurant to order food online in order to get a discount is not difficult, when you use our free online services and tools. You are able to review menus from your campus area restaurants, see places that have current discounts and promotions, and find online coupons to use with your order, all through our website, Facebook page and with our downloadable mobile app for your smart phone. You can also take advantage of the paper coupons found in our campus coupon books, by entering the promo code during the order check-out process. You are also able to search and browse restaurants on our site using different criteria, such as places providing delivery service, by the type of cuisine, or using a text search for something specific like pizza, chicken wings or burgers.

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Different Ways to Find Pizza Coupons for Your Favorite Pizza Places

You can save money at your favorite pizza restaurants by using pizza coupons. You are able to find coupons through a variety of sources, any time you want to order pizza. For instance, our coupon books feature a wide assortment of paper coupons for use at the restaurants located around your campus. You could also access our online website and check out our featured promotions and discounts not available any place else. In addition to our coupon resources, your local pizza places may include paper coupons with your order, or send you emails with discount offers. You are also able to use these deals any time you place an online order through our website, by entering the promotional code on the coupon during the check-out process.

There Are Options to Get Discounts When Your Pizza Coupons Are Expired

The offers and deals featured on pizza coupons often change on a regular basis. It is always a good idea to make a note of any expiration dates on the coupons in order to avoid being disappointed when you place your order. In the event you discover your coupons are expired, you could still find other deals and discounts from current promotions featured on our website. Some of the pizza restaurants we provide access to on our site run exclusive deals directly with us. These specials are made available in order to supply you with options where no coupons are required for you to receive a discount on your order.

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Save Money on College Food with Discounts Available Online

There are ways in which you can save money on your college food so that you do not have to eat Ramen Noodles all of the time. By taking advantage of the featured discounts and offers on our website, you are able to get full and complete meals, while saving money at the same time. Whether you are looking for a deal on pizza, or looking for other types of food, you are able to find deals to satisfy your hunger and cravings.

Special Promotions Are Featured Occasionally to Earn Credit for College Food

From time to time you might have the option to earn money back on your college food. For example, one promotion featured occasionally allows you to receive a $10 credit on your new Serve® prepaid account when you make a single purchase of $20 or more through our Food Court online. The credit you earn is just like getting free food, because you can use the credit to pay for your future food orders.

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Enjoy Your Day In by Having Food Delivered from Campus Restaurants

There are times when you do not feel like going out, and you want to spend the entire day at home. You may have an important research paper to complete, or are studying for a final exam. You might have chores to get done, like cleaning your dorm room and doing your laundry. You could just want to relax, read a book, play video games or catch up on your favorite TV shows. You do not have to worry about cooking, because you can get your favorite foods delivered to your front door from your local area campus restaurants.

Future Order Scheduling Is Available from Campus Restaurants

You can save time by placing your orders online through our website for local campus restaurants. You are able to order your food for immediate delivery, or pick-up or schedule it for a future date and time. Future scheduling is a great tool, especially if you know you will not be able to place the order on that day with enough lead time. Instead, your order arrives at your home or is available for pick-up at the time you requested when you submitted your order.

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Your Online Pizza Delivery Order History Is Stored

When you place your orders for pizza delivery through our online website, your order history is stored. Anytime you want to repeat a previous order, but do not remember everything on the order, you can access your past orders. Using this feature lets you see what size pizzas, the toppings and any other food items you ordered. You are also able to use this feature whenever you remember what you ordered, but do not remember the restaurant’s name.

Be Aware of Minimum Ordering Amounts When Using Pizza Delivery Service

Using pizza delivery service often requires a minimum order amount. Most of the times you do not have to worry about this amount because your pizza orders more than satisfy the requirement. In the event you are just ordering side items, you need to make sure you are aware of the minimum amount and order enough food to be able to get them delivered. If you are a few dollars short, you can always find something to put on the order to make up the difference, like a 2 liter of soda.

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Use Food Delivery Service to Gain Extra Free Time in Your Schedule

You are able to have additional free time in your busy schedule for other tasks by taking advantage of food delivery. Instead of having to take time out of your routine to go and pick up your food, you can have it delivered to your campus area apartment or dorm. You could use your extra time to study for an important test, complete homework projects, work on your research paper, complete chores around your home.

Find Out Who Offers Food Delivery by Applying a Search Filter

Remembering which campus area restaurants offer food delivery to your home is not difficult when you use our online site to place your food orders. Since restaurants frequently have limited delivery areas, this service may not be available from all of the restaurants on our site. However, you can easily display only the restaurants that deliver to your residence by using our search option to filter your available choices.

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You Have More Flexibility with Your Meals When You Order Food Online

Most students desire more flexibility in deciding when they want to eat than the restrictions of set times that is often common with utilizing the school’s cafeterias and meal plans. A convenient way to get your meals anytime you want to eat is to order food online from various campus restaurants. You can choose to have your meals delivered to your dorm or apartment or scheduled for pick up on your way home from classes.

Be Aware of Delivery Service Requirements Anytime You Order Food Online

Some campus restaurants may have a set amount you have to place for delivery service whenever you order food online. You have a few options for reaching this established amount. You might add a few other menu items to make up the difference and save these items for another meal. Another option you can use if you do not want to order additional food is to switch your order to take-out and pick it up yourself.

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There Are Multiple Ways in Which You Can Use Online Food Ordering

With the advancements in technology you now have multiple ways to take advantage of online food ordering. You could use your computer and connect through the internet to place you order on our website. Another option is to visit our Facebook page using your tablet or laptop and place your food order on there. In situations where you are on the go and only have your smartphone, you are still able to order food online by downloading and installing our mobile app for your Apple or Android compatible phone.

Show Your Non-technical Friends How They Can Use Online Food Ordering

Not everyone may be as tech savvy as you are, so you can use this as an opportunity to teach your friends more about new devices and the various ways in which you can use them for online food ordering. For example, your roommate possibly still relies on his or her laptop to connect online and submit their food orders. However, by showing them all of your cool gadgets and how you use each one to place a food order online, you might be able to convince them to upgrade to a new smart phone and ask their parents for a tablet.

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