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4 Main Street, Amherst, MA, 01002
Available for: Take out

FREE Combo w/ Purchase of Any Sub at Regular Price - Flatbread

Free Chips & 21 oz. Fountain Drink

Step 1 of 3 : Sub Choice

Italian B.M.T. - Flatbread (+$4.00)
Pepperoni,Genoa salami, Black Forest Ham & cheese.
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Subway Club - Flatbread (+$4.50)
Turkey Breast,Black Forest Ham & Roast Beef.
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Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki - Flatbread (+$4.00)Choose item
Chicken & Bacon Ranch - Flatbread (+$4.50)Choose item
Subway Melt - Flatbread (+$4.00)
Turkey Breast,Black Forest Ham, Bacon & cheese.
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Turkey Breast - Flatbread (+$4.00)Choose item
Buffalo Chicken - Flatbread (+$4.00)Choose item
Roast Beef - Flatbread (+$4.50)
6" Roast Beef on 9-grain wheat or Italian bread without cheese or condiments that contain fat is 6 grams of fat or less.
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Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham - Flatbread (+$4.00)Choose item
Black Forest Ham - Flatbread (+$3.50)Choose item
The Feast - Flatbread (+$5.00)
pepperoni,Genoa Salami,Black Forest Ham, Roast Beef,Turkey & cheese.
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Veggie Patty - Flatbread (+$4.00)Choose item
Big Philly Cheesesteak - Flatbread (+$5.00)Choose item
Oven Roasted Chicken Breast - Flatbread (+$3.50)Choose item
Spicy Italian - Flatbread (+$3.50)
Pepperoni,Genoa Salami
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Cold Cut Combo - Flatbread (+$3.50)
Bologna,Salami & Ham (All Meats are Turkey based)
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Veggie Delite - Flatbread (+$3.50)Choose item
Meatball Marinara - Flatbread (+$3.50)Choose item
BLT - Flatbread (+$3.50)
Bacon,Lettuce & Tomato
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Tuna - Flatbread (+$3.50)Choose item